UV Spot Cure System

High quality optics outputs 3000mW / cm2 at 365nm at 10mm point from fiber optic light guide.

Highly efficient infrared cut filter eliminates radiation heat damage.
Successful cut of infrared readiation using high performance coating technology on internal optics eliminates heat radiation from UV lamps. Samples are cured without heat and with strong UV energy!

  • Uniform square area exposure
  • Intensity uniformity over square area about ± 10%.
  • Multi Purpose Optical Design

Our unique concept is the advanced flexible design based on our long experience with state-of-the-art optical technology. Hypercure 200 optics can be combined with the following attachments for multi-task applications:

  • Flexible Liquid Light Guide (Single or Multi-branched)
  • Rigid Light Guide Attachment (Single Light Pipe)
  • Optical Integrator and Lens Assembly (Uniform Square Area Illumination)

Patented Instant Optical Alignment
With our patented optical alignment mechanism it is no longer required to operate the UV lamp to seek the highest output point for alignment. Replacing lamps is now fast, safe, and accurate.

Separate Power Supply and Lamp Housing Units
This flexible design accommodates an automated environments where small space is a vital requirement. The lamp housing can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

I/O Interface Built In
External control connector

Hypercure 200 with Liquid Light Guide
Technical Specifications (pdf)